A Great Opportunity for Poets

Anyone interested in participating in a free community poetry workshop led by an established poet should check out the McEver workshops with Poetry @ TECH: http://poetry.gatech.edu/workshops.html.

Accepted applicants are assigned to a one-day workshop in the spring of 2011: January 29 (with Ginger Murchison), February 12 (with Robert Perry Ivey), March 12 (with Thomas Lux), or April 9 (with Travis Denton).

These workshops offer an incredible opportunity to swap work with other poets and get personal feedback from respected published writers. Poets of all skill levels are invited to apply.

And, did I mention they’re free?

If you’d like to apply, follow the directions found at the above link. December 10th is the deadline.


Trinity Writers Group

A writer’s life can be lonely. We spend hours staring at blank pages, often in quiet rooms. We care about characters that don’t exist, scenes that never happened. Sometimes we become so engrossed in our work that we forget there is a world still in motion, and we might only remember this at midnight when we realize we never closed the blinds or ate dinner. We obsess over images, language, rhythm, and narratives that never quite translate onto paper as they are in our heads, but when we try to talk about the utter heartbreak of a poem that isn’t working, our friends just smile sympathetically and change the subject. And when the words are right, when we want to celebrate the beauty of a good sentence, we may find ourselves with no outlet other than doing a victory dance alone in our living rooms. (Or is that one just me?)

Either way, writing demands a lot of alone time, but we don’t have to feel alone. There are hundreds of people in this very city hunched over their notebooks (or laptops, typewriters, or fancy iPads) just like you. Dozens of these writers live, play, and worship right here, in the Trinity community.

So we’ve decided it’s time to abandon our isolation for an evening. On the third Tuesday of every month, writers of all skill and experience levels are invited to an informal, low-pressure writer’s group. Those who want to can share work; the rest of us will offer feedback, accountability, and—most of all—community with people who know how it feels.

Our first meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 16, at 7:00 pm in an apartment on Collier Rd. If you’d like to share work, bring a few copies. Otherwise, come ready to read, reflect, and discuss. E-mail Anne at annecorbitt@yahoo.com for more information and directions.


That time again: Art Community Night at Inman Perk

St. Jerome in his study as painted by the hands of Caravaggio. Hard at work it seems.

Greetings to all.
It's that time again. Time to come together around warm drinks at Inman Perk and share what we've been up to as creatives. Whether you've been slaving away at the desk, writing your latest short story, or you've been plagued by bills and your day job instead of making art, come and share life with like-hearted people.
We'll meet in the coffee shop around 8:00 and finish when you're ready to leave.
Look for the little Trinity Artists placard at the table where we're congregated.


Fall Art Community Events

Micah & Whitney Stansell will present a five-projection installation of Between You & Me during this year's Flux festival.

Here is the fall's coming art events.
We'll share more info on each of these as they come near, but for now, mark your calendars!

Flux Tour | October 1st in Castleberry Hill, ATL
Art Community Night | October 5th at Inman Perk in Inman Park, ATL
Book Discussion: For the Beauty of the Church | October 30th at Trinity
Art Community Night | November 2nd at the Tucciarone's House, Cabbagetown, ATL
15X5 | November 12th at Trinity
Painting 101 Workshop | November 14th at Trinity

For more information about any of these pending events, contact Jeffrey Guy.



Chris Skeene will present on Friday night. Here is a photo this fine gentleman took.

So this will be our third 5X15 and I gotta say, its been the most exciting thing we do as an artistic community. Why do I feel that way? It's because we get to see the creative diversity that abides in and around our community. You get to experience 15 folks sharing for 5 minutes. In the span of that 5 minutes you may hear the latest song someone has composed, see how a visual artist hammered through her most recent project, or simply a presentation on what inspires an individual to make art.

Because of this diversity, we get to revel in the amazing work that the Divine Spirit does through the efforts of others.

Here is a preview of what's in store:

Lauren McCay -music

Erik Newby -digital project

Kevin Albertini -music

Josh Booth -photography

Francis Eagle -music

Chris Barnes -web design

Joanna Burgess -theatre

Brian Simmons -architecture

Chris Skeene -photography

Nathan Linkous -graphic design

Jessie Donaghy- poetry

Rusty Wallace -visual art

Bob Butler -photography

Shannon Newby -inspiration

Wesley Holmes -cello

5X15: 15 Artists Sharing for 5 Minutes at a Time.
Friday, May 28th 7:30pm at Trinity Anglican Mission.
(Park in our lots or on the streets that evening please.)
Totally free & open to the public.


Tim Eriksen & Sacred Harp

Greetings all, I wanted to let the community know of a very exciting event that is coming round the way.

St. Paul's Presbyterian (163 Ponce DeLeon, at Piedmont) will be hosting a concert as well as a Sacred Harp singing workshop taught by Tim Eriksen on Wednesday May 26th . Please come and bring your friends. Tim is a fearless and deeply compelling musician that comes to Atlanta very rarely. He is also a longtime Sacred Harp singer and is well known for having arranged for the Sacred Harp singing in the film "Cold Mountain" as well as teaching Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and a bunch of Romanian extras how to look like
they were singing in that film.

Singing workshop begins at 6:30 (all are welcome!)

Concert begins at 8:30

Concert: Suggested donation $8.

Here, Tim Eriksen is performing at IronHorse music hall. For more photos:www.flickr.com/photos/wmshc_kiwitayro/

The event site for more info:

If you're unfamiliar with Tim's music:

http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=WmFKZmcGAW0
http://www.youtube/. com/user/ batfancy# p/u/31/5JMCaKufx oY
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=SsmsmXbzSog& feature=related
http://www.youtube/. com/user/ batfancy# p/u/37/SF0pAJqme 88
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=IZcj8K3ULgM
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=J3Ndy_ahGL8& feature=related

“The best ballad singer of his generation” –BBC

“Startling conviction . . . absurdly good.” – Mojo

“One of the best singers in music.” – T Bone Burnett


Children and Why They Get It

This past Sunday, you probably noticed the brilliant works of art adorning the halls of the church as you walked toward the sanctuary. The kids have been responding artistically to scripture passages for years now; drawing, painting, and destroying pieces of paper in order to express what is on their hearts and minds. These children get it.

What do I mean by that pronoun, it? They get it, the essence - the rudimentary reasons for creating art. In a sense, they can't help it. They just make. If you are an artist, you have somehow maintained this ache to create despite much of life wanting to beat that urge from you.

Now, what can be learned from these? Christ pulled marginalized children to the center of the conversation and taught crowds of adults through their innocent, clumsy, needy nature. He said the kingdom of God is made of little ones like these.

In looking upon their artistic efforts, we are able to see the Kingdom of God through their eyes and laid out on page by way of their hands. How brilliant! What interesting marks, what interesting colors, what interesting takes on the Great Story of Christ. They know what it means to preserve mystery in their works relating to the Gospel.

Typically, when we create or view art, we want an explanation, an easy interpretation, or else we ridicule its lack of utility. Children, however, are honest in their works with an integrity to match. They are unencumbered by external influences and free to gesture with the brush anyway necessary. Effectively, they are bold and courageous in the studio.

On Friday, May 7th from 6:30-8:30pm Trinity will be hosting an Art Reception for the children's Easter Art Exhibit. I would encourage all of you to come out, have some punch and ask the children what they were thinking as they made their drawings. I guarantee you will be taught in some way. You will witness the boldness firsthand. You will see for yourself that unencumbered nature and my prayer for each of you is that you will recover that childlike faith and devotion in your respective practices.

Christ be with you as you create.

For more info on the event, check out the trinitykids blogspot.


Update: Trinity Arts Book

Hi friends,

As Easter approaches, we thought it was time for an update on the Trinity Arts book project. On behalf of Jeff and myself, a hearty thank you to everyone who answered our call for submissions. We were happy and honored to review your work. Unfortunately, we still don't have enough submissions to comprise a book. So we're moving to Plan B--an online arts journal featuring writing, visual art, music and film. Going forward, we'll continue to release calls for submissions according to chosen themes and the liturgical calendar. We hope that this new site will provide an opportunity for ongoing dialog in our community, through experiencing each other's work. Eventually, we believe this will give way to producing a book representative of the gifted people who call Trinity home (and friends of our congregation). More to come.


Screenin' & A Sangin'

In anticipation of the 49th Annual Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention, Trinity Anglican Mission will host a screening of the acclaimed documentary film, "Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp" with the filmmakers, Atlanta natives Matt & Erica Hinton, in attendance. Friday, March 26 7:30pm. Following the film, there will be a question and answer session with the filmmakers, as well as a demonstration of Sacred Harp singing. Admission is open to all ages, with a suggested donation of $5.

“Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp” is the first feature documentary about Sacred Harp singing, a haunting form of a cappella, shape note hymn singing with deep roots in the American south. Shape note singing has survived over 200 years tucked away from notice in the rural deep south, where in old country churches, singers break open “The Sacred Harp,” a 160 year old shape note hymnal which has preserved these songs which are some of the oldest in America.

The film offers a glimpse into the lives of this 'Lost Tonal Tribe' whose history is a story of both rebellion and tradition. The filmmakers, Matt and Erica Hinton spent seven years documenting this yet largely unknown art form.

The documentary has aired on PBS and has been featured on NPR, in TIME magazine, Pitchfork.com, NY Times, among others. The recently released original soundtrack includes traditional Sacred Harp singing as recorded in rural Georgia and Alabama, as well as the first ever collection of popular music adaptations of Sacred Harp songs, featuring artists such as John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Murray Hammond (Old 97’s), Elvis Perkins, Richard Buckner, and Doc Watson, Woven Hand, Tenement Halls and others.


Praise for "Awake, My Soul":

"When you see "Awake, My Soul", you will remember it."
--No Depression

“‘Awake, My Soul‘ features some of the most raucous group vocals that have been recorded.”

”‘Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp‘ is a fascinating history of a raw, overwhelming, unconventional form of Southern hymn singing.”
-The Oregonian

"These are no ordinary church choirs. The music is rebellious in its disregard for musical convention, punk in its inclusivity, and powerful in a way that only music performed with true passion can be...”
-KQED, San Francisco, CA

"In the Hinton's fine documentary: You get the feel of the people and the wonderful sound of the music, and thankfully without any condescension. As an introduction to Sacred Harp, it's as amazing as the music itself."
-Birmingham Weekly

On the Soundtrack:

"Revelatory and exultant, dense with harmonic ideas and often overwhelming even on CD" [score: 8.8]

“An outstanding primer for anyone dipping into the genre...” [****]


"The first time I heard Sacred Harp music, I was f***ing floored. This was like no staid church music I had ever encountered before! This was an alien/outsider sound, completely bucking traditional notions of dynamics and choral techniques for a rousing, rough-hewn cacophony that is as ecstatic and strong as it is tremendously sad...”

-Ink 19

“The songs turn the whole congregation into a choir, proclaiming their devotion in forthright, wide-open, vibrato-free chords with drones and inner counterpoint that hark back to Renaissance music...Brilliant...”

-Jon Pareles, NY Times


For more information, visit www.awakemysoul.com

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHUfHNEZDPc

Matt Hinton info@awakemysoul.com | 404.918.4914

Jeff Guy www.trinityanglicanmission.org | 404.803.4316

Trinity Anglican Mission
2270 Defoor Hills Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


The 49th Annual Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention will take place Saturday, March 27 & Sunday, the 28th, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. both days, at Sweetwater Chapel 1000 Pleasant Hill Road Lawrenceville, Georgia 30044-3330
Traditional “dinner on the grounds” at noon-- please bring a covered dish to share. This is a free event. All are welcome, no experience necessary.
For more info concerning the singing:

Contact: John Plunkett bildad12@hotmail.com | 678.763.7292


Call for Submissions: Trinity Arts to Publish Book

Trinity Arts is pleased to announce its first venture into publishing. This April, we’ll release a book comprised of works by Trinity artists, writers and friends of our community, to coincide with the 50 days of Easter on the Church calendar.

All submitted works should fit the chosen theme: Resurrection, New Life.

Submissions Deadline: March 1, 2010

Volunteer Needs
  • Graphic/layout design
  • Editorial/Proofreading
  • Printing Coordination
  • Administrative/Financial

Submission Guidelines
All submissions will be considered for publication, but not all will be chosen. Only previously unpublished works will be considered.

Visual Arts
  • Up to 10 photographs or 10 hi-res images of paintings, sculptures, installations, textiles, woodcuts, etc. (300 dpi, embed color profile).
  • Artist bio and statement about submitted works.

  • Poetry: One to 5 poems, single or double-spaced.
  • Creative Non-Fiction: One double-spaced personal essay reflecting upon the chosen theme.
  • Fiction: One short story. Novel excerpts will not be considered.

*Submissions will be accepted upon the artist or writer’s agreement to the following:
  • No monetary compensation. The artist/writer agrees to donate the use of his or her work in exchange for publication and complimentary copies of the finished book.
  • All proceeds will go to further the growth and maintenance of the Trinity Arts ministry.
  • The artist/writer allows Trinity the one-time rights to publish the submitted work(s), after which the copyright returns to the creator of the work(s).


The Importance of Community

For most of us as artists, we have the natural tendency to isolate ourselves. This isn't a surprise to many of us, we are aware of this pattern. In some respects isolation can be good, allowing space for contemplation, reflection, and creation, however, no matter how much we neglect it, there is just as big of a need to be in community with other artists.

I don't want to speak for anyone else, but if you are anything like me it can become all too easy to get distracted from our chosen mediums of art, in my case writing, with business that can so often plague us these days. If I were to remain in my artistic isolation, to let neglect pile up along side my writing, my chances of revisiting unfinished stories and dusting off abandoned poems gradually decrease. If I dwell only in the four walls I have built around myself and my writing, and not venture out into the beautiful and diverse world of the other artists around me, I grow discouraged, frustrated, and uninspired.

Once a month (reasonable for even the most isolated artist) a group of artists of various disciplines from Trinity gather at Inman Perk with the simple purpose of being in community with other artists. There is no agenda, no discussion questions, just opportunity to get to know fellow artists at Trinity, to talk about what we are working on and bounce ideas off other artists, and to encourage one another. Through these evenings accountability is forged, connections are made, collaborations begin, encouragement is received, inspiration is renewed.


Upcoming Months: Remember Field Trips?

Remember being a kid and the excitement of a field trip. You got to be away from school halls, books and paper. Instead, you got to engage something through first-hand observation or experience.

Well, over the next few months you will have the opportunity as an artist to embrace field trips again. The idea is simple; gather, go see some things, get to know one another as artists and talk about what we saw.

So, here is what is happening:

Sat. February 27th: Trip to Andalusia: Flannery O'Connor's home in Milledgeville, GA
Sat. March 13th: Danielson Show in Athens, GA
Sat. March 27th: Atlanta Architectural Tour with host architect, Thomas Hardy
Sat. April 10th: Easter Garden Tour with host landscape designer, Brendan Butler
Fri. May 14th: Art Gallery Hoppin' with host artist, Jeff Guy
(This is just a short list, more details will follow.)

For each of these, we will meet at the church on said day and carpool to our destinations. If you wish to join us, email me (Jeff Guy) and I'll add you to our numbers. Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!