5X15! May 2nd at Trinity

5X15 gives us the opportunity to experience what the creative community inside and outside Trinity is up to. During the course of the night, we'll sample tastings from culinary artists, watch the latest video from filmmakers, and hear poetry read with delicacy - along with many other presentations. Celebrate the Easter feast with some good art to foster the imagination.

Judith Brock - poetry
Michael Stille - mini-series, film
Erik & Stephanie Rostad - violin & vocal 
Ben Rollins - photography
Andrew Boatright - art
Tim Degroot - rare form art class
Ryan Coleman - painting
Claire Almon - illustration/character design
Erin Levin - film/documentary
Luke Williams - film
Nick Nelms - free art fridays
Michael Mullins - painting
Bethany Blanco - music
Sarah Sorrentino - printmaking/stationary
Brian Sintos - trumpet
Jaime Wynns - baking food truck
Brent Clouse - film
Beverly Ann Lenox - fashion
Jake AKA Maplanta - street art