Tim Eriksen & Sacred Harp

Greetings all, I wanted to let the community know of a very exciting event that is coming round the way.

St. Paul's Presbyterian (163 Ponce DeLeon, at Piedmont) will be hosting a concert as well as a Sacred Harp singing workshop taught by Tim Eriksen on Wednesday May 26th . Please come and bring your friends. Tim is a fearless and deeply compelling musician that comes to Atlanta very rarely. He is also a longtime Sacred Harp singer and is well known for having arranged for the Sacred Harp singing in the film "Cold Mountain" as well as teaching Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and a bunch of Romanian extras how to look like
they were singing in that film.

Singing workshop begins at 6:30 (all are welcome!)

Concert begins at 8:30

Concert: Suggested donation $8.

Here, Tim Eriksen is performing at IronHorse music hall. For more photos:www.flickr.com/photos/wmshc_kiwitayro/

The event site for more info:

If you're unfamiliar with Tim's music:

http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=WmFKZmcGAW0
http://www.youtube/. com/user/ batfancy# p/u/31/5JMCaKufx oY
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=SsmsmXbzSog& feature=related
http://www.youtube/. com/user/ batfancy# p/u/37/SF0pAJqme 88
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=IZcj8K3ULgM
http://www.youtube/. com/watch? v=J3Ndy_ahGL8& feature=related

“The best ballad singer of his generation” –BBC

“Startling conviction . . . absurdly good.” – Mojo

“One of the best singers in music.” – T Bone Burnett

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