Children and Why They Get It

This past Sunday, you probably noticed the brilliant works of art adorning the halls of the church as you walked toward the sanctuary. The kids have been responding artistically to scripture passages for years now; drawing, painting, and destroying pieces of paper in order to express what is on their hearts and minds. These children get it.

What do I mean by that pronoun, it? They get it, the essence - the rudimentary reasons for creating art. In a sense, they can't help it. They just make. If you are an artist, you have somehow maintained this ache to create despite much of life wanting to beat that urge from you.

Now, what can be learned from these? Christ pulled marginalized children to the center of the conversation and taught crowds of adults through their innocent, clumsy, needy nature. He said the kingdom of God is made of little ones like these.

In looking upon their artistic efforts, we are able to see the Kingdom of God through their eyes and laid out on page by way of their hands. How brilliant! What interesting marks, what interesting colors, what interesting takes on the Great Story of Christ. They know what it means to preserve mystery in their works relating to the Gospel.

Typically, when we create or view art, we want an explanation, an easy interpretation, or else we ridicule its lack of utility. Children, however, are honest in their works with an integrity to match. They are unencumbered by external influences and free to gesture with the brush anyway necessary. Effectively, they are bold and courageous in the studio.

On Friday, May 7th from 6:30-8:30pm Trinity will be hosting an Art Reception for the children's Easter Art Exhibit. I would encourage all of you to come out, have some punch and ask the children what they were thinking as they made their drawings. I guarantee you will be taught in some way. You will witness the boldness firsthand. You will see for yourself that unencumbered nature and my prayer for each of you is that you will recover that childlike faith and devotion in your respective practices.

Christ be with you as you create.

For more info on the event, check out the trinitykids blogspot.

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