Trinity Artists Interview Series: Thomas Hardy

Meet Thomas Hardy, an architect who can find the design beauty in everything from buildings and roads to the graphics of a newspaper article. Read on to learn how he deals with writer’s block, how the Large Hydron Collider inspires him, and why ravens are awesome.


Anti-Manners on the Beltline

Greetings good people, we felt we should promote this event as there are a number of Trinity artists collaborating on this thing - Helen Hale, Daniel Bass, Aaron Hodgins, Holly Evans, Joel Seibel, etc! So, go and enjoy.

On Nov 6, in a clearing along the BeltLine just north of Piedmont Park, you'll find a 30 foot picnic table covered with a feast of meat, apples, corn, potatoes, and warm rolls all lit by glowing light. Revelers will join you as you sit down at the table to eat, you'll toast one another and take long swigs from deep jugs of wine. Dancers will appear as if from nowhere and eaters, amid the flailing limbs, will become performers themselves, flipping, throwing, swigging, munching, twirling, singing, toasting, cheering, flinging, eating and swirling.

 Join Dash, Nov 6 for ANTI MANNERS a Dance/Feast featuring the lovely Helen Hale. 30 folks (maybe you?!) will sit at the main dinner table, sign up here if you want a spot! However, ALL are welcome. Everyone else will sit on picnic blankets watching the messy, whimsy-filled peformance, eating delicious fruits, drinking strong wine, enjoying the night air and welcoming fall time.

BeltLine just North of Piedmont Park behind Amsterdam Walk -- be brave, you'll find it.
Park wherever
Bring whomever
Stay however long
Bring a blanket, a candle, a flask, and a bib.

LOVE DASH Facebook event.


The Man Who Ate New Orleans! Last Supper

Earlier this week, filmmaker Michael Dunaway stopped by the blog to talk about, among other things, his most recent project The Man Who Ate New Orleans!, a documentary following a pastor’s mission to eat at every restaurant in New Orleans, all 600+ of them.

Soon Ray Cannata will be crossing that finish line. On Friday, October 21, he’ll eat his “Last Supper” at Besh Steakhouse in New Orleans. And everyone’s invited to watch it happen. So if you or someone you know will be in New Orleans that night and you want to give money to a good cause, you can buy tickets at http://thelastsupper.eventbrite.com/.

"Staging Narrative" Theater Workshop

In conjunction with the release of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 2: 1941-1956, Emory University is offering a free workshop with actor Barry McGovern on Saturday, October 22nd from 11 am -12:30 pm. Aimed at theater artists and writers, the workshop will discuss “McGovern’s experience in adapting Beckett’s prose to stage performance…highlight[ing]…movement, spatial and vocal dynamics, and timing.” If interested, you need to register by October 18: http://www.gs.emory.edu/beckettletters/calendar/index.php?entity_id=561.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Michael Dunaway

Meet Michael Dunaway, film producer and director and contributing writer for the irreplaceable Paste Magazine. His most recent project—The Man Who Ate New Orleans!—tells the story of a pastor on a mission to eat at all 600+ restaurants in New Orleans and, along the way, portray the city’s spirit in its “music, food, and rebuilding.” Read on to hear Michael talk about the collaboration of film making and why we should all stop dreaming. 


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Aaron Tovi

Do you ever miss sidewalk chalk? You and your friends drawing a spaceship or a castle on the ground outside your house? Do you ever think of how much fun you had creating together?

If so, then you have to meet Aaron Tovi, a graphic designer, occasional poet, and the force behind a new project called Chalk Party. Chalk Party is a proposed website for people from all over the world to join together to create the coolest online sidewalk ever.

Read our most recent interview to meet Aaron, hear more about Chalk Party, and learn why he advocates for keeping things on the back burner.


Decatur Book Festival

Looking for something to do this Labor Day? If you love books (or at least like to pretend you do), head over to the Decatur Book Festival. Presenters include Colin Meloy (of the Decemberists), Natasha Tretheway, George Singleton, Clyde Edgerton, Kevin Young, David Lehman, Robert Olen Butler, Tayari Jones and many other writers and readers. Plus, a book market and street fair will feature hundreds of publishers, writers, and organizations, such as Wink, a non-profit writing workshop started by some members of the Trinity community (Booth #126). On top of all this, there will be good food and music! The festival activities run all day Saturday and Sunday. Find a detailed schedule at the DBF website at http://www.decaturbookfestival.com/.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Courtney Garrett

Meet Courtney Garrett, a painter whose passion for both God and her work radiates in her discussion of creativity and process. Read on to learn more about community, grace, love, and the culinary potential of a pop-tart. 


Trinity Arts Interview Series: David Taylor

In gearing up for the Southeastern Conference for Faith & Art on August 13, it’s the perfect time to get to know our keynote speaker, David Taylor. As a pastor at Hope Chapel in Austin, Texas, David oversaw the arts ministry and adult education program. He also edited the book For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts. With degrees in theology (MCS) and biblical studies (ThM) and his current doctoral studies at Duke University, David keeps busy, but he still took time to answer our questions and translate some good advice. Read on to learn how he does it all.


365 Days, 365 Stories

In a previous blog interview, we met Theron Humphrey, a photographer about to embark on a year-long project, meeting one person a day, every day, for a year, and documenting their stories through pictures and words. This Wild Idea will begin on August 1, 2011. Follow Theron and meet the people he meets at http://thiswildidea.com/ and on Twitter @thiswildidea.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Stephanie Laubscher

Our newest interview is with Stephanie Laubscher, actress, singer, lover of words. Anyone who knows Stephanie, or has heard her lead music at Trinity, can testify to her beautiful spirit and grace, but you’ll have to read on to learn how she pushes through artist’s block, why it’s good to ignore your dirty dishes, and what she has in common with a tree.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Helen Hale

For the newest chapter in our series, we’re hearing from modern dancer Helen Hale, who shares with us about dislocation, the Divine, the potential benefits of being half-horse/half-cheetah, and how to turn a piano into a light source. Read on to learn more.



It is just around the bend once more, Trinity Artists will be presenting 5x15 next Friday, July 8th at 8:00 pm.

On this special evening, 15 artists from the Trinity community will present for 5 minutes a piece. Artists will read creative writing, show films, perform music, and present samples of their work. It’s a great opportunity to see work from our fellow artists and celebrate the blessing of creativity.

Josh Jackson - comics

Mary Grace Phillips - dance

Thomas Lockwood & Aaron Hodgins - music

Charlton Cunningham - architecture

Mark Wynns - film

Angela Bortone - drawing

Shana Barefoot - painting

Michael Dunaway - film

Chris Barnes & Theron Humphrey - a travelling photo project

Lauren Hughes - photography

Wesley Holmes - cello

Ross Boone - novelist

and more....

We hope to see you at church that evening! Please park in our lots or on the street.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Josh Booth

Meet Josh Booth, a photographer, musician, and closet poet. In the newest installment of our interview series, Josh discusses why the iPhone is even more useful than you thought, how Peter inspires, and what church and Batman don’t have in common. Read on to learn more.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Theron Humphrey

Do you ever meet someone whose story is so interesting, you want to tell everyone you know about them? Photographer Theron Humphrey does, every day. And he’s not just telling their stories, he’s taking their pictures. Read on to learn more about the man behind this wild idea.


A Demon is Coming to Atlanta

The C.S. Lewis classic The Screwtape Letters has been adapted for the stage in a traveling production that will be at the Alliance Theater (1280 Peachtree St NE) on June 9-12. The show times are Thurs-Sat: 8 pm; Sat: 4pm; and Sun: 3pm. Tickets range in price, but student and group rates are available.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Glen Sutton

Our next featured artist in the interview series is Glen Sutton: photographer, musician, painter, and fan of opposable thumbs. To learn more about the what, why, and how behind his work, read on.

Zoetic Dance Ensemble in Centennial Park

This upcoming weekend (May 20 and 21), the Zoetic Dance Ensemble is offering four free performances in the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park. Zoetic, a professional-level contemporary dance company, will be performing at 12:45 pm and 6:00 pm on Friday, May 20, and 3:00 and 6:00 pm on Saturday, May 21st. For free!

For more information on Zoetic, visit http://www.zoeticdance.org/.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Jessie Donaghy

The first brave soul to be interviewed for our series is Jessie Donaghy, a dancer and writer and all around amazing lady.  Read on to learn why she advocates for walking in the rain, joining in community, and asking your mother the tough questions.

Trinity Arts Blog Interview Series

Have you noticed that there are a lot of artists at Trinity? Painters, singers, poets, graphic designers, musicians, actors, dancers, and others walk among us, but we may not always know who they are or how God is working through their art. Our community events—like the coffee nights, field trips, 5x15, and workshops—offer great opportunities to gather and discuss the gift, process, and challenges of creating, but starting this month, we’re going one step further.

On the first and third Tuesday of every month, we’ll be spotlighting a different artist from our community. They’ll answer a few questions, maybe share some work, and we’ll get to learn about some of the cool, inspiring, and amazing things God is doing right here in our own community.

So set a reminder on your calendar or fancy phone to be sure you don’t miss these great interviews in the upcoming weeks!


Magnetic Drift

On May 6, 7, and 8 at the Magnetic Theatre (889 Wylie St. Atlanta, GA 30316 in Reynoldstown), WonderRoot (http://www.wonderroot.org/) and independent choreographers are joining forces to present Magnetic Drift, a contemporary dance concert:

Magnetic Drift represents the artists’ shared commitment to producing innovative work within a cooperative setting, enabling them to express their unique artistic visions while supporting the creative aims of their fellow choreographers. As the presenter of the concert, WonderRoot continues its tradition of supporting visual and performing artists by nurturing their voices and helping to launch their careers.”

Trinity’s own Helen Hale and Lauren Banks are involved in this project!

Here are the details:

When: May 6, 8pm; May 7, 8pm; May 8, 3pm
Where: Magnetic Theatre, 889 Wylie St. Atlanta, GA 30316 in Reynoldstown
Price: $15 for general admission & $10 for students, children, professional artists, and seniors

Read a review of the concert at http://www.artscriticatl.com/2011/04/breaking-news-wonderroot-expands-into-dance-with-magnetic-drift/.


Paradise Gardens

To celebrate the Easter season, we’re taking a field trip to Paradise Gardens in Summerville, Georgia on April 30th. Paradise Gardens is the creation of the late folk artist and preacher Howard Finster. You may have seen his work at the High Museum or on the covers of albums by REM and Talking Heads. Using all kinds of recycled materials—such as bottles, mirrors, and toilets—Finster transformed his gardens into a work of sacred art.

We will gather at the church at 10:30 am on April 30th and caravan to Summerville (roughly 1.5 hours each way). Bring a packed lunch so we can eat on the grounds and a few dollars for gas (entry to the Gardens is free, though donations are welcomed). Sign-up sheets will be at the information table after church in the upcoming weeks. Please include your phone number and email address, and indicate if you are willing to drive.

Email annecorbitt@yahoo.com if you have any questions, and visit http://www.finstersparadisegardens.org for more information about Finster and his gardens.

(Photographs taken from www.finstersparadisegardens.org.)


Refuge Dance Company will be presenting “Progress,” a show including new works by Marc Arentsen (formerly of Polarity Dance Theater and Belhaven College) and Angella Foster (of Alight Dance Theater), as well as a preview of the company’s “Hinds Feet on High Places,” which is scheduled to premiere in November.

“Progress” will be presented on Sunday, May 1st at 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm at the Fabrefaction Theater (999 Brady Ave 30318, near Octane and Twin Kittens). Tickets are $10 and include the chance to meet the dancers of Refuge Dance Company in an after-show reception. One of the dancers with this company, Jessie Donaghy, is a participant in Trinity Arts and a previous 5x15 contributor.

For more information and ticket sales, visit http://www.refugedance.org/Progress.html, email info@refugedance.org, or call 678-267-3202.


For the Beauty of the Church

Kairos Church is beginning an on-going conversation about creativity and faith entitled “Cultivating Creativity for the Common Good.” The first event will be a discussion of the book For the Beauty of the Church (http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Church-Casting-Vision-Arts/dp/0801071917) on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8:00 pm at Kairos Church (645 Grant St SE).

For more information, or if you’re interested in attending, email micahdalton@gmail.com.


5x15: Friday, February 25th!

We’ve had some warmer days recently, which means spring is approaching, and the Easter season will be here soon. To celebrate this time of creation and rebirth, Trinity Artists will be presenting 5x15 next Friday, February 25th at 8:00 pm.


Trinity Writers Group January Meeting

Here are some photos from the most recent meeting of the Trinity Writers Group taken by Ann Colwell. We discussed a poem by Melissa Holm and an essay by Coleman Wood. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 15. Email Anne at annecorbitt@yahoo.com for more information.