The Importance of Community

For most of us as artists, we have the natural tendency to isolate ourselves. This isn't a surprise to many of us, we are aware of this pattern. In some respects isolation can be good, allowing space for contemplation, reflection, and creation, however, no matter how much we neglect it, there is just as big of a need to be in community with other artists.

I don't want to speak for anyone else, but if you are anything like me it can become all too easy to get distracted from our chosen mediums of art, in my case writing, with business that can so often plague us these days. If I were to remain in my artistic isolation, to let neglect pile up along side my writing, my chances of revisiting unfinished stories and dusting off abandoned poems gradually decrease. If I dwell only in the four walls I have built around myself and my writing, and not venture out into the beautiful and diverse world of the other artists around me, I grow discouraged, frustrated, and uninspired.

Once a month (reasonable for even the most isolated artist) a group of artists of various disciplines from Trinity gather at Inman Perk with the simple purpose of being in community with other artists. There is no agenda, no discussion questions, just opportunity to get to know fellow artists at Trinity, to talk about what we are working on and bounce ideas off other artists, and to encourage one another. Through these evenings accountability is forged, connections are made, collaborations begin, encouragement is received, inspiration is renewed.


Upcoming Months: Remember Field Trips?

Remember being a kid and the excitement of a field trip. You got to be away from school halls, books and paper. Instead, you got to engage something through first-hand observation or experience.

Well, over the next few months you will have the opportunity as an artist to embrace field trips again. The idea is simple; gather, go see some things, get to know one another as artists and talk about what we saw.

So, here is what is happening:

Sat. February 27th: Trip to Andalusia: Flannery O'Connor's home in Milledgeville, GA
Sat. March 13th: Danielson Show in Athens, GA
Sat. March 27th: Atlanta Architectural Tour with host architect, Thomas Hardy
Sat. April 10th: Easter Garden Tour with host landscape designer, Brendan Butler
Fri. May 14th: Art Gallery Hoppin' with host artist, Jeff Guy
(This is just a short list, more details will follow.)

For each of these, we will meet at the church on said day and carpool to our destinations. If you wish to join us, email me (Jeff Guy) and I'll add you to our numbers. Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!