Symposium on Faith + Art: the Contemplative

It is safe to say that at Trinity Vineyard there is a percentage of talented artists, from a variety of disciplines, be it painters, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, film makers, photographers, and so many more.  Artists, and art adorers make up a large portion of those attending our church. 

It is also safe to say that in the greater american Church there really isn't too much encouragement of the arts in their various forms.  That could be, in part, because of the fear that as soon as you let your faith show through your art many are quick to be labeled as a Christian artist and isolated as a result.  For many of us that attend Trinity, both our faith and art make up a large part of who we are as individuals.  Wouldn't it be great to be a part of a community where faith and art come together, where you can meet other artists who go to Trinity? 

On Monday, February 16th, Trinity Vineyard will be hosting a Symposium on Faith and Art dealing with the subject of the contemplative.  Our Goal with an event such as this is to foster community within this large thread of our congregation and to inspirit purpose behind the creativity of Trinity's artists.  

With the contemplative nature of the approaching Lent season we hope that this evening will set the proper tone for this particular season of the church calendar as artists.  On this particular evening we shall be hearing from painter (see image below), Jeffrey Guy, on his monastic experience and also have a forum on the contemplative with a panel compiled of skilled artists from a variety of disciplines such as painting, film making, poetry, photography, and songwriter.  

We also created this Blog to serve as a forum of sorts, for continuing discussion beyond the symposium and a place where you can share your own art.  If you have any paintings, videos, short stories, poetry, photographs, etc. feel free to email them to me or Jeff Guy for consideration.  Also check out our suggested albums, books, and films: all of which are contemplative in nature.

Hope to see you Monday evening, February 16th, 7:30pm at Trinity!