Creating For The Seasons

Artists need structured projects for a host of reasons, but I'll mention a few here. It puts parameters on the freedom we have to create as we desire. It creates a goal to press toward with deadlines attached to it. If you are given the commission by a friend then you have some form of accountability and criticism - it keeps you going. All of these are healthy reasons for an artist to keep some structure to your discipline as an artist.

So here is what I am asking you to join me in. What would it look like if we took this Lent and engaged its spiritual overtones and themes in order for those to guide the production of 1-3 works of art? Keep the concepts and ideas you are working on in progress. I am not asking you to abandon what you are currently working on. But, I am asking you to create something within the season of Lent and see what becomes of it.

I want you to consider for two reasons: 1. The experience of creating in the season will keep your mind renewed to the themes of Lent focusing on scripture, prayer and your walk with Christ. 2. The Church, not just Trinity, but the Church universal could use more art that is consciously created for the sake of exalting and amplifying the truths we hold dear. We need better songs. We need better paintings. We need better writings. (...And the list goes on and on.) Do this while you are diligent in your other works.

Here are some themes to dwell on as we enter the season and you can bear these in mind as you create.

Penitence and confession of sin
Christ as absolution for sin
Darkness and the World's need for reconsiliation with God
Jesus' persecution, crucifixion and burial (Holy Week)

Let me know what you decide to work on! I'd love to see what God does through you. Drop me a line.

Here is something I painted during Lent a couple of years ago as an example. I was contemplating the sins of my grandfather and his generation in order to grow acquainted with my own sin.