The Man Who Ate New Orleans! Last Supper

Earlier this week, filmmaker Michael Dunaway stopped by the blog to talk about, among other things, his most recent project The Man Who Ate New Orleans!, a documentary following a pastor’s mission to eat at every restaurant in New Orleans, all 600+ of them.

Soon Ray Cannata will be crossing that finish line. On Friday, October 21, he’ll eat his “Last Supper” at Besh Steakhouse in New Orleans. And everyone’s invited to watch it happen. So if you or someone you know will be in New Orleans that night and you want to give money to a good cause, you can buy tickets at http://thelastsupper.eventbrite.com/.

"Staging Narrative" Theater Workshop

In conjunction with the release of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 2: 1941-1956, Emory University is offering a free workshop with actor Barry McGovern on Saturday, October 22nd from 11 am -12:30 pm. Aimed at theater artists and writers, the workshop will discuss “McGovern’s experience in adapting Beckett’s prose to stage performance…highlight[ing]…movement, spatial and vocal dynamics, and timing.” If interested, you need to register by October 18: http://www.gs.emory.edu/beckettletters/calendar/index.php?entity_id=561.


Trinity Arts Interview Series: Michael Dunaway

Meet Michael Dunaway, film producer and director and contributing writer for the irreplaceable Paste Magazine. His most recent project—The Man Who Ate New Orleans!—tells the story of a pastor on a mission to eat at all 600+ restaurants in New Orleans and, along the way, portray the city’s spirit in its “music, food, and rebuilding.” Read on to hear Michael talk about the collaboration of film making and why we should all stop dreaming.