Chris Skeene will present on Friday night. Here is a photo this fine gentleman took.

So this will be our third 5X15 and I gotta say, its been the most exciting thing we do as an artistic community. Why do I feel that way? It's because we get to see the creative diversity that abides in and around our community. You get to experience 15 folks sharing for 5 minutes. In the span of that 5 minutes you may hear the latest song someone has composed, see how a visual artist hammered through her most recent project, or simply a presentation on what inspires an individual to make art.

Because of this diversity, we get to revel in the amazing work that the Divine Spirit does through the efforts of others.

Here is a preview of what's in store:

Lauren McCay -music

Erik Newby -digital project

Kevin Albertini -music

Josh Booth -photography

Francis Eagle -music

Chris Barnes -web design

Joanna Burgess -theatre

Brian Simmons -architecture

Chris Skeene -photography

Nathan Linkous -graphic design

Jessie Donaghy- poetry

Rusty Wallace -visual art

Bob Butler -photography

Shannon Newby -inspiration

Wesley Holmes -cello

5X15: 15 Artists Sharing for 5 Minutes at a Time.
Friday, May 28th 7:30pm at Trinity Anglican Mission.
(Park in our lots or on the streets that evening please.)
Totally free & open to the public.

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