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A group of artists took a retreat by train in the northeast long ago. I don't think you could take the same shot on a MARTA train. Its a problem with MARTA's design.

Tonight is the First Tuesday of the Month and so it is time for us to meet up and talk about what's going on.  Micah & Whitney Stansell will be hosting the group in the Southeast of the city while Erik & Shannon Newby will host the Northwest group. 

The Southeast group will meet at Carroll Street Café at 8:00pm. Carroll Street Café is in the shadows of the old mill in Cabbagetown; an area known to have smelled of stewed cabbage in olden days because that's all the workers who lived there could afford to eat. Creativity often springs from poverty or so I'm told so it seems like a good place for creative people to meet.

The Northwest group is going to meet at 8:00pm at Octane - Home of the best espresso! (Yes, I said it and I will fight to the death all who oppose.) Octane is in the ever-growing-hipper Westside of town. Neighbored by commercial art galleries such as Kiang and Sandler Hudson this area has been saturated with art dialogue and thought for some years now. 

As mentioned before, we wish for the gathering to be a chance for us to further relationship as well as encourage and care for each other as Believing Artists. Perhaps some good creative collaboration will take place. We can also voice vocational concerns and network during the evening. 

See you at 8:00pm where ever is closest to you! (The leaders will be wearing makeshift name tags.)

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  1. :o( I was very sad to have missed this event. That evening I was taken by ambulance to Piedmont ER with a bout of food poisoning. Yuck. Feeling much better now and looking forward to the next one.