A Word on Lent and the Approaching Easter Season

Greetings fellow artists, I hope that you are all having a very contemplative and meaningful Lent thus far.  I can say that this is truly the first year I have participated in Lent, and fasting of something I love, and honestly it is teaching me more discipline not only in my faith, but also in my art.  I think this is a great time to create new habits of discipline that can extend well past the season of Lent, especially in the realm of quiet contemplation and reflection.  As Jeff mentioned in his speech at the previous Symposium, we, not only as artists but also as Christians, need to be intentional about setting aside time for contemplation, prayer, and reflection.  As I mentioned before this is a great time to create those habits by cutting out things in our lives that we possibly don't need.  There are countless others around the world and within our own community going through Lent together, creating a kind of support group, which is good to have while creating new and good habits.

I think the idea behind the 40 days of fasting in this season is quite beautiful.  Most of us have chosen to fast something that can, at times cause either a physical or mental discomfort, a reminder of the suffering of Christ and a way to identify ourselves in some small way with his sufferings, and by doing so making the approaching season of easter even more meaningful to us.

I would like to encourage you, in your times of intentional contemplation during this season, to continue to create in your personal forms of art.  if you have chosen to give up something for Lent I encourage you to stay strong in your fast and remember that you are not alone.

Also I would like to take this time to let you know about our next upcoming Symposium on Faith and Art, which will be May 4th and dealing with Beauty and Splendor, as this date will find itself within the season of celebration that is Easter.

One last thing, I want to remind you of is the Community Groups that meet the first Tuesday of every month.  The next Community Group night is coming soon; April 7th at Octane and Carroll Street Café.  For more information on that you can reference the entry below or email Jeff or myself.

God Bless,

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