Trinity Artists Community Groups Round 2

image courtesy of shannon newby. shannon and erik host the northwest community group at octane.

Yep. You heard it right. Its time for round two of the community groups. They will meet at the same locations as before on the First Tuesday of the Month, April 7th; one in the Northwest at Octane and one in the Southeast at Carroll St. Café.

We come together, share what we've been working on and this go around we will talk about how Lent is going for us. Has it had an impact on our creative time? Has it been a period of growth for us as Artists? Have we made margins for creativity and contemplation?

As a primer for this coming community night, you can post a comment to these questions below. We hope for the blog to become more interactive. Can't wait to hear from you. Christ be with you as you create.

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  1. Back in October I lost my job to a lay-off but the employer lied to unemployment saying that I quit, and it took me about 4 months to fight for my benefits from the Department of Labor - so after several months, with a lawyer at my side, I won the arbitration and they finally released my unemployment benefits. So during all that time money was scarce, I lost my health insurance, got pretty sick, and have yet to find work.

    Sacrifice and fasting was not a choice for me, it was all I knew - even now after receiving my benefits, I am behind in rent and bills and there is a lot of stress... I sold and gave away many things as a means to create some income and to purge me of some of the material things I had accumulated. Mostly musical instruments and recording gear. Composing music is one of my favorite creative outlets. So my sacrifice was in giving up some of those tools, and that was difficult for me to do.

    It has been a struggle these last few months not to allow depression, frustration and disappointment get to me and darken my creative process. Instead, I try to allow it to humble me and drive me to contemplate the face of God and to understand the gift of creation and creativity as a means of worshiping the Creator. To understand the sacrifice of Christ for my salvation, to help me to receive and appreciate the mercy and grace I experience in my meager sacrifices.

    I find that I am growing as a Christian, and as an artist, and hope to demonstrate that through some of my new work.

    I look forward to seeing how others have approached their process during these difficult times.