Truly Golden

I am overjoyed.  I feel that the Symposium on Monday night offered much to be celebrated as a community.  I enjoyed sharing my story with you all & you were good attentive listeners.  I thank you & am honored.

Over 100 artists, art appreciators, hobbyists, & all those in between (dabblers) came & got there early, I might add (something rare at Trinity).  I pray your evening was enjoyable, that you met someone new, that you grew as an artist or that you were inspired to create.  If you have a moment, fill out the poll up at the top right of the blog.  We wish for your feedback so that we can better the event- dialing it into our needs as a creative community. 

The next Symposium is on the books for Monday, May 4th at 7:30. As it will be the season of Easter we will focus the evening on Beauty & The Splendor of God revealed through Art.

Going from here, we are going to initiate two community groups of artists based on the sign up response from Monday night.  These groups will meet the First Tuesday of the Month. One will meet in the Northwest side of the city, (Octane Coffee Bar) & one will meet to the Southeast side of the city, (Carroll Street Café).  This will give us the chance to do what so many of the creative saints of old did;  speak of art over tasty beverages.  Imagine Caffé Giubbe RosseSalon of Berta Zuckerkandl, or Caffé Trieste but in Atlanta & with your brilliance.  

When we gather we will ask one another, "What are you working on right now?"  This calls us into accountability but also gives us the chance to further relationships, collaborate, talk shop & address vocational challenges as Believing Artists.  

To join one of these groups: show up at 8:00pm! Tuesday, March 3rd at either Octane or Carroll St. Café.

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  1. I truly enjoyed the evening and was inspired by the keynote message and the breathtaking images presented. I enjoyed seeing so many people attend, and loved meeting a few of the brave folk who approached this new comer.

    I look forward to attending future events and humbly hope to contribute if permitted to do so.

    Thanks to all who felt led to assemble the people and event, for it was a blessing to me.

    Thank you.