Anti-Manners on the Beltline

Greetings good people, we felt we should promote this event as there are a number of Trinity artists collaborating on this thing - Helen Hale, Daniel Bass, Aaron Hodgins, Holly Evans, Joel Seibel, etc! So, go and enjoy.

On Nov 6, in a clearing along the BeltLine just north of Piedmont Park, you'll find a 30 foot picnic table covered with a feast of meat, apples, corn, potatoes, and warm rolls all lit by glowing light. Revelers will join you as you sit down at the table to eat, you'll toast one another and take long swigs from deep jugs of wine. Dancers will appear as if from nowhere and eaters, amid the flailing limbs, will become performers themselves, flipping, throwing, swigging, munching, twirling, singing, toasting, cheering, flinging, eating and swirling.

 Join Dash, Nov 6 for ANTI MANNERS a Dance/Feast featuring the lovely Helen Hale. 30 folks (maybe you?!) will sit at the main dinner table, sign up here if you want a spot! However, ALL are welcome. Everyone else will sit on picnic blankets watching the messy, whimsy-filled peformance, eating delicious fruits, drinking strong wine, enjoying the night air and welcoming fall time.

BeltLine just North of Piedmont Park behind Amsterdam Walk -- be brave, you'll find it.
Park wherever
Bring whomever
Stay however long
Bring a blanket, a candle, a flask, and a bib.

LOVE DASH Facebook event.

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