5x15: Friday, February 25th!

We’ve had some warmer days recently, which means spring is approaching, and the Easter season will be here soon. To celebrate this time of creation and rebirth, Trinity Artists will be presenting 5x15 next Friday, February 25th at 8:00 pm.

On this special evening, 15 artists from the Trinity community will present for 5 minutes a piece. Artists will read creative writing, show films, perform music, and present samples of their work. It’s a great opportunity to see work from our fellow artists and celebrate the blessing of creativity.

Melissa Holm- poet
Ross Boone - product designer
Brett Miotti - graphic design & letterpress
Gretchen Perkins- vocalist
Isaac Deitz- videographer
Jeff Guy- non-profit art gallery
Anne Corbitt- fiction writer
Helen Hale- dancer
Jessica Haberkern- non-profit organization for creative writing
Brian Manley- graphic designer
Aaron Keuter- animator
Mary Quinn Templeton- fabric arts
and more....

We hope to see you at church that evening! Please park in our lots or on the street.

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