Art Community Night

Artists often create in what seems to be a vacuum. You are alone, hammering out your work, and then come up for air to find you have been working in total isolation. No doubt, sometimes this is a benefit, but usually it is a detriment to your sanity and you need some fellowship with other like-minded people to shock you out of the fog of work you've been in. So, we fashioned Art Community Nights for you.

These gatherings have been happening now for over two years. Every month we come together to share in life and discuss the creativity at hand - whether we are professionals or we are just getting started - all are invited.

There will be musicians, dancers, poets, painters, filmmakers, dabblers, pretty much every artistic discipline under the sun represented on Art Community Nights. The whole hope behind these events is to get us connected with our craft, with one another and with God.

All are welcome. We start at 8pm and wrap up around 10. Food is always involved so bring some room in your tummy! This is open to artists from other churches as well so feel free to invite people who don't worship at Trinity.

Tuesday, April 3rd from 8-10pm at the Tucciarone’s in Cabbagetown. 829 Marcus Street Atlanta, GA 30316 .  It is a green house with a double porch.
If you have questions about this event reach out to Jeff Guy; the ministry coordinator.

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