The Artists Library

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript that dates to somewhere around 800A.D. by Irish monks in tough times. We're kinda doing what they are doing. Ok. Not really. 

Yep.  We have established a resource library out of my office in trinity for our little community.  You can access books, film, cd's, novels, etc. by dropping in during my office hours.
 Inspiration takes cues and triggers.  We know that by seeing other people's artistic efforts we can draw on their expressions and sometimes be so moved to act in response.  

It's also important for us, as a friend of mine recently pointed out, to know the "classics" peripheral to our discipline.  A library is a great place to begin familiarizing yourself with these "classics".  

If you are a painter, consider the efforts of the writer.  If you are a writer consider the efforts of the musician.  If you are an architect, consider the work of a dancer and so forth.  There is something about witnessing someone's process outside your own that allows you to be inspired without the natural temptation of competition entering into the experience.  Sometimes I look at paintings in a museum and I honestly get irritated by a feeling of competition.  Where does that spirit come from?  I tell you it hinders my ability to accept their gift of expression that rests before my eyes.  I know when I sit in a Symphony performance however, I rest in knowing this is not in my realm of expertise.  That my only concern is to explore;  to be silent, listen attentively and wonder.  This is the power of being inspired by the expressions peripheral to our own. 

We will get the great opportunity of this at 5X15 Night.  We get to marvel at the Good Creation through the efforts of ordinary artists who are here among our community.  God is good.  He delights in us when we share with one another. 

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